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·[News of SchoolMusicology Department of Academy of Arts Successful Performa… read:269 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolAcademy of Arts, PH.D Juhong Yuan achieved NSFC Fund in 2014… read:223 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolSolo Concert of Jun Li Successful Holding in Central Conserv… read:196 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolSolo Concert of Fenglong Fan Successful Holding in Central C… read:211 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolThe Student of Academy of Arts Win Gold Award in The Sixth ‘… read:194 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolThe student of Academy of Arts achieved Success In Campus So… read:186 (2014/10/30)
·[News of SchoolAward for outstanding China industrial design, International… read:258 (2013/11/28)
·[News of SchoolIndustrial design students won the excellent prize in the 20… read:233 (2013/11/28)
·[News of SchoolThe Department of industrial design students at the sixth an… read:241 (2013/11/28)
·[News of SchoolIndustrial design students won Taipei Design Competition of … read:238 (2013/11/28)
·[News of SchoolAdvertising design professional students success in the firs… read:221 (2013/11/28)
·[News of Schoolstudents won the first prize in the thirteenth Challenge Cup… read:232 (2013/11/28)

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